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Hum in PE11 (1 Complainant)

Member #98 - Moved here about 3 months ago. Quiet at first, then after a week or so there was an AWFUL humming sound, worse INside than out, variable, almost unbearable at night (ie was awake a... more

2014/09/13 20:54:46

Proclaimers Church in NR7 (1 Complainant)

Member #85 - Proclaimers Church Every Sunday from morning to evening with a few a couple of hours mid day break. Religious events Loud music, ranges from deep drum bass to the full band in... more

2012/04/08 15:54:01

Member #84 - Noise occurs 24/7.....Vibration seems to hang in the air, thudding, pounding, humming, fills the house and is like being underwater with heavy machinery going all th... more

2012/03/17 18:31:18

Cross Guns in BA15 (1 Complainant)

Member #61 - They welcome stag parties - for the most part relatively quite - however, turn up in summer on a Friday / Saturday - you may encounter drunk groups off guys on stag doos, shouting ... more

2009/09/20 20:27:42

Olney Road/Hulton Drive in MK46 (1 Complainant)

Member #57 - Source unknown. Low level hum, audible mostly at night but I believe it exists 24/7. Not audible to everyone in my household. Around for about 12 months. more

2009/06/26 15:10:50

Member #42 - There is are plans for an international outdoor shooting range at BA4 4SN. 4 days per week; up to 38 full bore rifles plus shotguns. It has been turned down by Mendip D C ( 11 vo... more

Discussing: Member #55

2008/06/02 12:20:46

Stadium & Motocross Track in IP28 (1 Complainant)

Member #25 - We are subjected to Banger Racing, Speedway and Motocross. As well as vehicle and engine noise with racing going on until midnight we are also forced to endure tannoy and music. ... more

2008/01/14 10:59:43

Golden Cross Pub in CV1 (1 Complainant)

Member #24 - Woken by noise from people leaving and also music noise inside - cant sleep. We expect some noise but this pub goes too far. Some action by the Council has helped but we still su... more

Discussing: Member #3

2008/01/04 23:51:12

Ron Williams - Sleep deprivation at night when ambient noise levels are low and when wind in the 'wrong' direction - relentless low frequency swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. Low frequency noise was used ... more

Discussing: Member #3 , Ron Williams , Member #4 ...

2008/01/01 16:54:04

Heathrow airport in W7 (1 Complainant)

Member #18 - Planes all the time but worst at night. Now the Government are going to let them double the planes and it will get much worse. They know it hurts our health and our chidren do wo... more

2007/12/27 22:47:19