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Hum in PE11 (1 Complainant)

Member #98 - Moved here about 3 months ago. Quiet at first, then after a week or so there was an AWFUL humming sound, worse INside than out, variable, almost unbearable at night (ie was awake a... more

2014/09/13 20:54:46

Ron Williams - Sleep deprivation at night when ambient noise levels are low and when wind in the 'wrong' direction - relentless low frequency swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. Low frequency noise was used ... more

Discussing: Member #3 , Mike Hulme , Member #4 ...

2008/01/01 16:54:04

Askam-in-Furness Windfarm in LA16 (1 Complainant)

Member #16 - I still don't get a good nights sleep with the turbine noise after all this time. Always wooshing and woomping more

Discussing: Member #4 , Ron Williams

2008/01/01 17:15:17

Wind Farm in PE11 (1 Complainant)

Member #4 - Forced to abandon our home. more

Discussing: Member #98

2007/09/28 15:27:15

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Discussion about Wharrels Hill Windfarm,Bothe... by Member #4

Member #4

Ron, we are 930 m, and SSW, so we have the worst audible noise when we are directly down wind, but most directions cause a noise of some type. We also have significant, measu... more

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2008/01/22 11:53:07

Discussion about Wharrels Hill Windfarm,Bothe... by Ron Williams

Ron Williams

Hello Mike, Have written to Local Planning Authority chief - awaiting reply. Then I was going to contact the developer. Hope your legal challenge is ... more

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2008/01/22 11:17:02

Discussion about Wharrels Hill Windfarm,Bothe... by Mike Hulme

Mike Hulme

Hello Ron, (Hi Jane) I have stayed and experienced the totally unacceptable noise problems at Jane's and I'm fearful of being in a similar position when an approved wind farm... more

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2008/01/12 11:02:45

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