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R G Logan Reid

Claypigeon shooting as a business, sometimes four days in succession and for several hours at a time though at the moment "only" one or two guns.

It began aound two years ago, is sporadic in nature (?tourist season), but has increased gradually. No planning permission has been aplied for.

As a near neighbour I am affected but I have recently discovered others are annoyed a mile or more over the valley.

I am thinking now of taking it up with the LA.

Added: 2007/12/10 21:04:10 Last Edited: 2007/12/10 21:09:45

Member #3

Dear Complainant There is guidance that addresses Clay Target Shooting Noise produced by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. It includes fairly detailed assessment methods. Also any shoot lasting more than 28 days in a year requires planning permission.

Local Authority EHOs should assess any complaints against this guidance document. It can be downloaded from the web at the following site.

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2007/12/14 10:43:42

Anti Actyma Brigade


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2008/01/11 21:44:51

Member #22

Robin Logan Reid! That doesn't suprise me!

BIG FISH in a very very small pond.

I'll check with my solicitor on whether I can publish my experiences with the gentleman.

I'm so glad I was emailed this site!

An englishman.

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2008/01/02 22:09:12

R G Logan Reid

I have never lived in Bournemouth; have never had anything whatsoever to do with Bournemouth airport; have never been involved in any court case whatsoever; am not against clay pigeon shooting: only for the mitigation of its adverse aspects; and as for the Big Fish:

Cut defence, build public housing.
Listen up Mike, it's the Left thing.
Chop Health care? That's the Right-Wing:
Give developers their wish?

Not likely, Mike, I'll be Big Fish -
Raise Air Fuel Tax, and cut emissions:
Support Sustainable positions.
Listen, Mike, it's the Leftish
Who'll make a future for all the poorish.

In the pond you'll stay small, I wish
And a Sustainable New Year to threatened Big Fish!!

Acknowledgements to:
Moxy Früvous
Song: Big Fish

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2008/01/03 21:03:50

Member #42

Thanks, we have this info already and it helped to get the plans rejected last summer. The applicants noise consultants rubbished the CIEH guidelines but our councillors took note.
We now have to get into another gear to fight the appeal.

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2008/06/02 12:24:20

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Is it a Nuisance?

In the UK, there are no legally acceptable sound levels and a nuisance is assessed both in sound level and by the impact on those affected. Based on certain British Standards (BS) and Case Law (previous cases that set precedence) it is common to compare the sound level of the noise with the level in absence of the noise, also known as the "Background" level. This can be done by an Environmental Health Expert or Acoustician.

Whether the noise is a statutory nuisance (a nuisance deemed as unlawful) is often decided by the Environmental Health Officers of your local council.

Contact the council

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Take private action?

You are free to take your own action against a person causing an alleged nuisance under section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. You should seek legal advice if you intend to do this and it is important to bear in mind that taking legal action can be expensive. You may have a lot of costs to pay if you are unsuccessful.

Search on Google for "noise law solicitors"

Keep a diary

A log of activity can become a useful piece of evidence. The more detail, the better, but even if you only manage to keep basic records they may become useful later.

The Environmental Health Officers will be looking at:

  • the time of the day or night
  • the duration and recurrence of the noise
  • the character of the noise
  • if the source of the noise is providing a public service
  • Relevant Case law

    It may be worthwhile checking out what the past decisions were on similar cases to yours as these set a precedence in law.

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