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Noise occurs 24/7.....Vibration seems to hang in the air, thudding, pounding, humming, fills the house and is like being underwater with heavy machinery going all the time, I can hear it outside. Local Authority say they cannot do anything about it as they think it's Low Frequency Noise.

It started in Dec 2009 with a loud humming noise which stopped mid July 2010 but there was a noise 'underneath' the hum like a tumble dryer much, much worse early 2011 and is ongoing.

This noise and vibration has totally destroyed my quality of life....driven from my home on hundreds of occasions. I am depressed, unable to sleep properly, my heart beat becomes irregular when it is loud. My life has turned into a nightmare.

Added: 2012/03/17 18:31:18

For Your Information

Is it a Nuisance?

In the UK, there are no legally acceptable sound levels and a nuisance is assessed both in sound level and by the impact on those affected. Based on certain British Standards (BS) and Case Law (previous cases that set precedence) it is common to compare the sound level of the noise with the level in absence of the noise, also known as the "Background" level. This can be done by an Environmental Health Expert or Acoustician.

Whether the noise is a statutory nuisance (a nuisance deemed as unlawful) is often decided by the Environmental Health Officers of your local council.

Contact the council

Speak to the Environmental Health department of your local council.

Find the local council for this postcode

Take private action?

You are free to take your own action against a person causing an alleged nuisance under section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. You should seek legal advice if you intend to do this and it is important to bear in mind that taking legal action can be expensive. You may have a lot of costs to pay if you are unsuccessful.

Search on Google for "noise law solicitors"

Keep a diary

A log of activity can become a useful piece of evidence. The more detail, the better, but even if you only manage to keep basic records they may become useful later.

The Environmental Health Officers will be looking at:

  • the time of the day or night
  • the duration and recurrence of the noise
  • the character of the noise
  • if the source of the noise is providing a public service
  • Relevant Case law

    It may be worthwhile checking out what the past decisions were on similar cases to yours as these set a precedence in law.

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