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Moved here about 3 months ago. Quiet at first, then after a week or so there was an AWFUL humming sound, worse INside than out, variable, almost unbearable at night (ie was awake at 4am with it this morning). I have been trying to work out what it is, but am pretty sure, that it's wind farm noise...Even Though I am approx 5 miles from the nearest windfarm! I can see one from my upstairs window. It may not be this of course, but every single bit of research I've done, would suggest that it is the low frequency hum cause by wind turbines. I've always been a supporter of sustainable energy, but this is HELL. I moved here to get away from noise.... I cannot believe I am now suffering with this.

I need to log down every instance of this hum and want to get an anemometer and humidity meter etc

It is a low frequency hum... it varies (as if sound carried on the wind), some days much worse than others, some days, oh the joy, silence.
I have not yet contacted the local authority, hell, I haven't even finished unpacking yet!

I find the noise particularly hard to deal with as I do not have the ability to 'switch off' from unwanted noise nuisance. It is like having a HUGE Diesel Generator or truck parked near by... It is VERY stressful. I WANT PEACE AND QUIET, that's why I MOVED!!!

I want the noise to shut the **** up! I just want some peace. If it means doing without electricity, so be it! Yes, it is THAT BAD.

Added: 2014/09/13 20:54:46

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For Your Information

Is it a Nuisance?

In the UK, there are no legally acceptable sound levels and a nuisance is assessed both in sound level and by the impact on those affected. Based on certain British Standards (BS) and Case Law (previous cases that set precedence) it is common to compare the sound level of the noise with the level in absence of the noise, also known as the "Background" level. This can be done by an Environmental Health Expert or Acoustician.

Whether the noise is a statutory nuisance (a nuisance deemed as unlawful) is often decided by the Environmental Health Officers of your local council.

Contact the council

Speak to the Environmental Health department of your local council.

Find the local council for this postcode

Take private action?

You are free to take your own action against a person causing an alleged nuisance under section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. You should seek legal advice if you intend to do this and it is important to bear in mind that taking legal action can be expensive. You may have a lot of costs to pay if you are unsuccessful.

Search on Google for "noise law solicitors"

Keep a diary

A log of activity can become a useful piece of evidence. The more detail, the better, but even if you only manage to keep basic records they may become useful later.

The Environmental Health Officers will be looking at:

  • the time of the day or night
  • the duration and recurrence of the noise
  • the character of the noise
  • if the source of the noise is providing a public service
  • Relevant Case law

    It may be worthwhile checking out what the past decisions were on similar cases to yours as these set a precedence in law.

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