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Egger Factory in NE46 (1 Complainant)

Member #17 - Truck bleepers, squeals, machinery all noisy and light in the night more

2007/12/27 22:33:55

Askam-in-Furness Windfarm in LA16 (1 Complainant)

Member #16 - I still don't get a good nights sleep with the turbine noise after all this time. Always wooshing and woomping more

Discussing: Member #4 , Ron Williams

2008/01/01 17:15:17

Country Guesthouse Aberporth in SA43 (1 Complainant)

R G Logan Reid - Claypigeon shooting as a business, sometimes four days in succession and for several hours at a time though at the moment "only" one or two guns. It began aound two years ago, i... more

Discussing: Anti Actyma Brigade , Member #42 , Member #3 ...

2007/12/10 21:09:45

Wind Farm in PE11 (1 Complainant)

Member #4 - Forced to abandon our home. more

Discussing: Member #98

2007/09/28 15:27:15