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Proclaimers Church in NR7 (1 Complainant)

Member #85 - Proclaimers Church Every Sunday from morning to evening with a few a couple of hours mid day break. Religious events Loud music, ranges from deep drum bass to the full band in... more

2012/04/08 15:54:01

Cross Guns in BA15 (1 Complainant)

Member #61 - They welcome stag parties - for the most part relatively quite - however, turn up in summer on a Friday / Saturday - you may encounter drunk groups off guys on stag doos, shouting ... more

2009/09/20 20:27:42

Olney Road/Hulton Drive in MK46 (1 Complainant)

Member #57 - Source unknown. Low level hum, audible mostly at night but I believe it exists 24/7. Not audible to everyone in my household. Around for about 12 months. more

2009/06/26 15:10:50