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Member #42 - There is are plans for an international outdoor shooting range at BA4 4SN. 4 days per week; up to 38 full bore rifles plus shotguns. It has been turned down by Mendip D C ( 11 vo... more

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2008/06/02 12:20:46

Country Guesthouse Aberporth in SA43 (1 Complainant)

R G Logan Reid - Claypigeon shooting as a business, sometimes four days in succession and for several hours at a time though at the moment "only" one or two guns. It began aound two years ago, i... more

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2007/12/10 21:09:45

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Discussion about Proposed shooting range Mitc... by Member #55

Member #55

I think it is commendable that so much work has been undertaken by the applicant in ensuring that appropriate noise protection measures and safety assesments have been underta... more

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2009/05/12 12:04:29

Discussion about Country Guesthouse Aberporth by Member #3

Member #3

Dear Complainant There is guidance that addresses Clay Target Shooting Noise produced by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. It includes fairly detailed assessmen... more

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2007/12/14 10:43:42

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